One of the meanings of the concept of "Kung fu" — "Development and improvement of personality method of studying martial arts." The main objective is the harmonious development of the pupil Body, spirit and Mind (Mind).

Thus, in the real ancient Schools, students not limited to the military aspect, but also studying many disciplines, granting to the person of quality discipline, worthiness, consistency and overall harmony, study to uncover from the depths of your real potential and strength, to apply them to achieve success in all situations.

The teaching methodology is holistic, i.e. consisting of a large number of different disciplines. It is not only about fighting techniques when visiting the Kung fu in Kiev, the talented pupils are also particularly effective and rational worldview.

"The power of man is not in the hands and feet, and in his soul... of the Spirit"

One of the few ways to awaken deeply hidden in each of us this potential is Kung fu.

Style techniques of kung Fu is "the perfect fighting technique", which consists of principles and laws of Nature, and their relationship with man.

A sign of mastery of the skill of equipment — it is the ability without much effort using a pair of three actions to rebuff the many enemies, using their personal power. Moreover, the meaning of what happened must be incomprehensible to an outsider — all at the expense of accurate temporal-spatial orientation.

Along the way many obstacles and enemies: it's the own shortcomings of the fighter, his afflictions and habits, negative life situations, severe frost or drought, and wind storm and all that is always with us and around us.

"You want it quickly – do it slowly, but every day"

To start practicing kung Fu can anyone: both the child and the adult. Positive changes will not force You to wait long.

Kung fu — not for the weak. Here — the patience that is perceived very long learning process, hard work on self-development... is a very hard work actually.

You need to constantly develop the wisdom to enrich life experience, deeply understand everything, to not succumb to the painful thinking of the West, forever profaniruet in their own way, every idea is simplified desire, more dope, hurry up, etc., On this subject of the East has a wise answer: "it is necessary to Hurry slowly".